Splinter Cell: Blacklist [Abandoned Mill] [Modelling | Level Art]

My contribution to Splinter Cell: Blacklist were focused on the Chemical Lab level, set in London, England. As a 3D Modeller, I was part of the project for 2+ years, spanning pre-production to the final months before shipping. I was responsible for entire sections of the Chemical Lab map, as well as helping to support other maps during different phases of production. My work in these screenshots included taking initial Level Design layouts to final model quality, modular kit construction, structural and prop models and textures, set dressing, polish and debug.

Level Art: Denny Borges
Level Design: Paul Dobson
Model Art: Billy Matjiunis
Texture Art: Jasmine Wong

Of course, these screenshots represent a team effort, with help from other talented artists, designers and lighters along the way.