Far Cry 6 | Biomes | Moist Broadleaf

Biome beauty shots from Eastern Yara, our densest and most mountainous region, consisting of the Moist Broadleaf parent biome and it's multiple sub-biome variations. Eastern Yara was handled by our fantastic Biome team in Montreal, with some assets and tech being shared across teams. I would coordinate and align with Richard Cote (Lead Art in Montreal) on a daily basis, and would have monthly visits in person to make sure our teams were in sync. I'd like to send them a sincere thanks for all their hard work and dedication, and truly couldn't have asked for a better team to partner with!
The Biome production on Far Cry is an extremely collaborative process, with each screenshot representing the combined efforts of the entire team. It’s not uncommon for multiple artists to lend their efforts on a single asset, kit or recipe during the various stages of production. I’d like to send a sincere thanks to them for pouring their hearts into the project, they are a special a group of extremely talented and dedicated individuals that I’m honored to have been able to work with. You should give them a follow!