Far Cry Primal

As a Lead Artist on Far Cry Primal, my role involved providing environment art direction and technical oversight, alongside Jeffrey Arriola and Michael Hong, on the Ubisoft Toronto art mandate, as well as level art support for my team where needed. Due to the ultra-condensed nature of the project schedule (1 year production), I helped to visually benchmark and prove out certain exotic locations (glacier walls, hot springs, etc.), provide daily feedback and reviews, assist in implementing director feedback, as well as polishing, optimizing and debugging the various maps to close out the project.

These screenshots represent a team effort, and I primarily worked with Hyoyong Koo, Michael Hong, Krisztian Szadowczki, Haeyong Cho, Chris Smart and Darren Horrocks for the duration of the project. Overall art direction came from Denny Borges. Credits to them for their contributions to these images shown here.