Far Cry 5 | F.A.N.G Center

My contributions to Far Cry 5 were focused on Jacob Seed's region in the Whitetail Mountains. As a Level Artist/Team Lead, my duties involved providing environment art direction and technical oversight on roughly a third of the North Region, as well as creating art alongside the team.

For this outpost, I took over World Building ownership from Sarah Cole-Megaro at some point around Alpha, and continued her great work by adjusting the existing modular pen kits that she designed(where needed), as well as adding my own elements to the kit. I worked with the Level Designer to rework parts of the space for gameplay, handled the memory and performance, polish and debugging.

These screenshots represent a team effort, with various talented directors, artists, designers and lighters helping along the way. Credits to Theo Mills, Jasmine Wong, Oleg Lovtsov, Hyoyong Koo, Judy Suh and our Object Bank team.

Level Art: Sarah Cole-Megaro, Billy Matjiunis
Level Design: Ted McIlwain