Far Cry 6 | Biomes | Wetlands

Biome beauty shots from Central Yara, showcasing the Wetlands and it's inland overgrown counterpart. The Wetlands was 1 of 2 prominent parent biomes, alongside the Mangroves, in the Central region. The look of this biome would gradually alter to a dryer overgrown feel depending on it's proximity to water.
On Far Cry 6, I was lucky enough to have held the titles of Lead Artist and Associate Art Director for all the Biomes throughout the game. My role on the project was primarily focused around leading the artistic vision and creation of all the vegetation and organic assets, working closely with tech art on the procedural Biome recipe distribution and rulesets, maintaining memory and performance across all platforms, as well as creating art alongside the team. The Biome production on Far Cry is an extremely collaborative process, with each screenshot representing the combined efforts of the entire team. It’s not uncommon for multiple artists to lend their efforts on a single asset, kit or recipe during the various stages of production. I’d like to send a sincere thanks to them for pouring their hearts into the project, they are a special a group of extremely talented and dedicated individuals that I’m honored to have been able to work with. You should give them all a follow below!
Biome Team (Toronto):